Here at Withers Dental, your local dentist in Manhattan Beach, CA, we have a wide array of dental care techniques to help protect your mouth from decay and painful conditions—and fillings are one of the most effective tools in our dental care arsenal. Dr. Brian Withers always prioritizes preventative and cosmetic dentistry as the first line of defense for your teeth, but if decay does find its way into your smile, we can use dental fillings to eradicate the bacteria and strengthen your tooth. We’ve put together a quick guide to dental fillings so you can find out everything you need to know about filling options at your local dentist in Manhattan Beach.

What Are Fillings?

When bacteria sits on your teeth for too long, it can start to eat away at your enamel in order to create a space to hide in your tooth. Once through your enamel, the bacteria will dig deeper into the softer inside of your tooth, where it could eventually decay the tooth’s root, effectively killing the tooth and moving on to nearby teeth. If we catch bacteria before it burrows into the root of your tooth, we usually can address the problem with dental fillings. The process of getting a dental filling at your dentist in Manhattan Beach usually takes less than an hour—the amount of time it takes for us to clean out your cavity and apply the filling. Brian Withers uses composite fillings, which are also known as resin fillings and white fillings, because of their strength, durability, and longevity. Here are some of the advantages to getting dental fillings at our cosmetic dentistry:

  • Prevent Cavities From Damaging Your Teeth and Gums
  • Improve The Look of Your Teeth With Natural White Fillings
  • Avoid Bad Breath By Getting Rid Of Tooth Decay
  • Make Your Teeth Easier To Clean by Filling Difficult-To-Brush Cavities

Visit Your Dentist In Manhattan Beach, CA

To use dental fillings to your advantage we need to be able catch cavities early so that we can still clear out the bacteria and fill just a portion of your tooth. The best way to do this is to pay regular visits to your dentist in Manhattan Beach, Withers Dental, so that we can check up on your oral health and protect your teeth with a scheduled teeth cleaning. We can’t help you prevent more costly dental procedures without regular check-ups and cleanings! You should visit at least 2 times a year, possibly more if your teeth are prone to cavities. Haven’t seen the dentist in a while? Don’t worry, Dr. Brian Withers will walk you through our dental care and cosmetic dentistry treatments and get you on the path to healthy teeth! Don’t delay—your teeth will thank you for it. Contact Withers Dental today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!