Tooth Whitening

At Withers Dental, one of the most common requests from patients is a desire for whiter teeth.

Tooth whitening can create a brighter smile quickly, painlessly and inexpensively. Tooth whitening can remove years of staining caused by coffee, wine, soda and many other substances. Tooth whitening is a relatively simple process that can be performed by a dentist or at home with a store-bought product. While systems managed by dentists are much more effective than store-bought systems, we usually suggest our patients try a store bought whitener first to see if they can reach their desired shade without the need for custom trays or in-office whitening treatments.

We are happy to provide in-office whitening treatments to patients who wants a whiter smile, with minimal time commitment. The sessions in our office are under an hour and results are immediate. Our patients have reported great success with the process of whitening in office, with minimal sensitivity to teeth and gums. We have a specialized bleach (Opalescence Boost!) that is for in-office use only, that is effective and decreases sensitivity. It’s a win-win!

We also offer tooth whitening gel for at home use (also made by Opalescence). This gel is applied in a custom fit tray that we make here, in our office in under an hour. This method of whitening also achieves predictable and long lasting results. Using this method, most stained teeth can be whitened to the patient’s desired shade, and kept white. Other methods are difficult to avoid uneven whitening, and most do not last as long. If you want the minimum affect of whitening, doing both methods in conjunction with each other is the best chance you’ll get at your desired level of whiteness.