If decay or trauma have seriously damaged your teeth, you may be wondering if there’s anything that you can do to save your smile. Here at Withers Dental, your local dentist in Manhattan Beach, we are happy to tell you that even chipped, broken, cracked, or severely decayed teeth can have a second chance with dental crowns! Our head doctor, Dr. Brian Withers, specializes in cosmetic dentistry and has years of experience providing dental care to the residents of Manhattan beach.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are essentially a “jacket” for teeth that can be used to aesthetically improve color and shape but are also clinically necessary to protect the structural integrity of teeth due to damage or decay. When a tooth is damaged, we can hope that it will heal on its own. Unfortunately, teeth do not heal or restore damaged enamel on their surface. Teeth will gradually deteriorate further without proper treatment leading to more invasive procedures such as a root canal and or extraction. 

However, at Withers Dental, we can help to protect and restore a tooth with a dental crown.  By sealing the tooth’s entire outer surface with a durable and cavity resistant crown, we can make teeth stronger and healthier. Meaning that you can eat what you want and smile with confidence. Dental crowns are a versatile treatment which can protect a weak tooth from infection, restore a damaged tooth, cover a dental implant, hold a dental bridge in place and provide a great, natural appearance.  If you are looking for dental care or a dentist in Manhattan beach who is experienced with crowns, look no further than Brian Withers’ dental office!

What is a Dental Crown Procedure?

Before – 

Our cosmetic dentistry team in Manhattan Beach will help guide you through the two step procedure for getting dental crowns.  You want to work with a cosmetic dentist that knows how to comfortably complete the procedure in a way that ensures a natural look.  Before getting started, an impression is taken of the tooth so that the new crown or bridge can be created in a dental lab.  Next, the tooth is shaved down minimally, removing the infected or damaged area and making room for the new crown to cover the tooth without pushing other teeth out of place.  Once complete, we will clean the tooth and secure a temporary crown to it using removable glue. You typically wear a temporary crown for around two weeks while waiting for a permanent one to be created in the lab. During this time, it is important to be careful with what you eat and how you brush your teeth since the temporary is designed to come off.

After – 

When your crown or “dental restoration” is complete, patients return to our Manhattan Beach dental office, for a relatively short appointment where we remove the temporary crown, mold the permanent crown to your tooth, and adjust your bite. 

Crowns are made from porcelain, gold, or tooth-colored zirconium.

Dental Bridge –

With a bridge, a crown is placed on the two teeth that are surrounding the missing one. On top of the crown is a piece that looks like natural gums that will hold the new tooth in place. The two crowns serve as anchors for the “bridge” and make a new tooth as durable as it can be. This procedure replaces missing teeth giving you a natural look and restoring the functionality of the missing tooth.

When getting dental restoratives, your teeth will be somewhat sensitive after they have been prepared. This is why you need to wear a temporary crown while waiting for a permanent one to be created. We use sedation dentistry to ensure that you will not experience any discomfort during the procedure and after the fact you simply need to take some oral pain medication for a couple of days until you feel better.

Why Crowns?

Whether you have been unhappy with the color and shape of your teeth due to wear and tear, experience severe teeth sensitivity, have serious cavities or if you have sustained damage to one of your teeth by way of trauma, crowns can help you get your smile back. Dental crowns help to protect your teeth and fill in gaps left by decay, so cleaning your teeth becomes easier as well! Neglecting a damaged tooth can lead to the development of severe oral conditions and poor health outcomes, so don’t delay and contact Dr. Brain Withers today at Withers Dental to schedule an appointment!