South Bay Dental Services

We offer services in all the dental specialties as well as general dental services. For the few services that we do not provide, we work with some of the best specialists that Los Angeles has to offer.

Cosmetic services, which includes Invisalign and veneers, can be used to change the appearance of the smile, taking years off and brightening up a smile.

Our restorative services can replace tooth structure lost to decay or wear, and replace old restorations as they begin to leak or breakdown. Our restorative services span across a few different dental specialties including endodontics (root canals) and implants.

Lastly, even the patients with no use for the aforementioned services need to get their teeth cleaned. We open early on Fridays and are open on select Saturdays to help you and our hygiene coordinator find appointments that fit into your schedule.

By being involved in such a variety of treatments, we can help find the right services for you that fit your budget.