Awards and Testimonials

Exceeding my expectations every time I visit Dr. Brian Withers has become the norm. Dr. Brian and his staff are truly the best in the business. A very welcoming, enjoyable, and professional atmosphere will make you feel like a part of the family each visit. Patient satisfaction and a healthy smile is easily seen throughout all their patients. I definitely recommend this office for anyone in the LA area. One visit and you will see why!

LOVE my dentists!!! I mean what dentist office gives you an IPOD to listen to while you get an examination-enough said right. The staff is wonderful, so personable, hygientist make you feel very comfortable, and my dentist always goes out of his way to encourage me about keeping my teeth, gums, mouth clean as a part of my overall health. It is great to finally have a dentist that cares not only about your teeth, but also about you!

Love Dr. Withers and his staff. My daughter went to high school with Brian and we have known of the family business for years in our town. The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming and Dr. Brian Withers has carried on his father’s competent reputation.

Keep up the great work!

-Sandy T.

Okay, so not only are they the best 2 dentists I have ever seen (and I have moved around and seen a lot) but I chipped off half of my front tooth and they had me in to get it fixed just 12 hours later… on a Saturday! The entire staff could not possibly be any nicer and Dr. Brian may be as much an artist as he is a doctor, rebuilding my front tooth from almost nothing. Not sure if anyone has ever looked forward to going to the dentist but I can honestly say I have never left without a smile on my face. And they make that smile look GOOD!

-Matt S.

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