Pediatric Dental Care

Our smallest patients need the most care. It doesn’t matter if they are 2 or 12. Oral hygiene and care of their little teeth help them grow and develop in many necessary ways. Children’s dentistry is a relatively “new” practice, only emerging in the early 1900s. Withers Dental wants to make sure the tradition of caring for children’s teeth with the utmost sensitivity and care continues into the next century.

What Pediatric Dentistry Is All About

Care of children’s teeth starts before they even have their first tooth. While a dentist visit isn’t necessary until about age two or three (depending on the dentist), you can still brush infant gums with a soft cloth and fluoride-free toothpaste. Babies get used to the sensation of something touching their teeth and gums while you remove breast milk sugars or formula residue that can negatively impact their unerupted teeth.

When children finally have a few teeth (or a full mouth), it’s time to see a children’s dentist. Children’s dentistry takes X-rays and then looks for any problems with your child’s teeth. The dentist will mention what they see and what can be done to remedy it. Most children do not come in with their first cavity until they have begun losing their baby teeth. However, it’s something that children’s dentistry still screens for.

Watching for Speech or Bite/Chew Issues

People are often surprised by the advice a dentist gives concerning speech impediments or bite and chew issues. A dentist won’t tell you exactly how to fix this until it’s confirmed with a specialist, but a dentist will tell you that a speech impediment or chewing problem may have something to do with your child’s teeth. Once a pediatrician or other child specialist has a chance to rule it out or confirm it, the pediatric dentist is able to offer treatment plans that can help. 

It’s never too late to resolve these issues, either. Most children who make it in to see a dentist before they turn 18 find that their biting, chewing, and/or speaking issues dramatically improve. The dentist can correct issues with bite and with crooked or missing teeth and make it easier and better for your child to eat, chew, speak, etc.

Cleaning Teeth

While it’s true that your children’s baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by adult teeth, these baby teeth still need to be professionally cleaned. The overall health of baby teeth affects the adult teeth underneath. Not cleaning baby teeth just because they will fall out ignores the fact that adult teeth need healthy gums and a healthy mouth in order to erupt as healthy teeth themselves. Good brushing helps, but regular dental cleanings are ideal for removing bacteria and plaque.

Restoring Cavities

A parent’s biggest concern is with cavities. That’s normal since you don’t want your child to be in pain. However, regular dental visits catch cavities before they become an issue. Tiny cavities are monitored over time and then repaired and restored when it’s deemed that they will not restore themselves and/or have become too large. 

Just know that Withers Dental understands that every kid is different. You might have one child that never gets a single cavity until their teen years and one kid that gets their first cavity when they’re 5. Either way, our practice makes the cavity-filling procedure more comfortable for your child. Most kids aren’t even afraid and walk out of the chair with smiles on their faces!

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