Tips for Trick-Free Teeth this Halloween

Halloween is approaching fast, and that means that frightening costumes, ghost stories, and trick or treating are right around the corner—but Halloween doesn’t have to be as scary for your teeth as it is for the rest of the world. Here at Withers Dental, your local cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach, we believe that Halloween can be fun for everyone without jeopardizing your oral health. With our office conveniently located in Manhattan Beach we are making our mission to keep families in our community informed about how to treat your teeth while avoiding the tricks this Halloween. Learn how you can celebrate this October without needing to pay an extra trip to your dentist in Manhattan Beach!

Less Is More

When it comes to pleasure, sometimes less is more, and there are many examples of having too much of a good thing; the same is true for Halloween candy. A few pieces of candy on Halloween night is a fun way to celebrate the holiday, but making yourself sick eating dozens of sugary snacks might ruin the fun of the whole evening. Try limiting yourself to under 10 pieces of candy and watch how much more pleasurable each piece becomes!

Know Your Candy

On Halloween day, children sit outside wearing costumes.

Not all candy is created equal, at least in terms of how they affect your teeth. Knowing your candy can help you pick your favorite halloween treats out of the candy bowl while avoiding the items that are especially hard on your teeth. Here are some candies to avoid:

  • Caramels, nuggets, and very sticky candy
  • Butterfinger and candy that tends to get stuck in your teeth
  • Lollipops and sucking candy that coat your teeth with sugar
  • If you have braces avoid all chewy or hard candies until you get them removed

Treat Your Teeth This Halloween

Treats can come in many forms, including the way you take care of your teeth this halloween. One of the worst things for your teeth is eating candy and letting the sugar sit in your teeth and create plaque—so make sure you brush and floss after eating your candy on Halloween night to avoid the worst of the damage. 

Another great way to treat your teeth is by visiting your local dentist in Manhattan Beach. Our skilled doctor and friendly staff will clean your teeth for you and make sure you aren’t developing cavities or gum disease. The last thing you want this Halloween season is to get tricked with a bad case of tooth decay, so contact Dr. Withers at Withers Dental today to make an appointment!

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