A Preview To Your New Smile

When it comes to getting crowns or dental veneers, the last thing you want to do is to pay for an expensive treatment that you might not even like the results of. Here at Withers Dental, your local cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach, we want our patients to know what they are getting out of their treatment before they make the investment—which is why we are now offering Smile By Design! Dr. Withers is proud to present Smile by Design, the new cosmetic dentistry treatment that allows you to try on your new smile before you buy it. Find out why your local desist in Manhattan beach recommends Smile By Design below!

What Is Smile By Design?

Deciding on a cosmetic dentistry treatment like dental veneers or crowns can be daunting when you don’t know what your teeth will look like afterwards. Luckily, here at Withers Dental, your cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach, you don’t have to take the chance! With Smile by Design our patients can literally try out their new smile before deciding on a treatment. If you choose Smile By Design, our doctors will take a precise impression of your teeth and then craft a custom-made mold that looks just like your treatment’s end result. Once you have the mold you can try it on and wear it all day to decide whether or not the treatment is right for you!

Why Smile By Design?

If you are thinking about getting dental veneers, crowns, or another treatment at your local cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach, you might be wondering why you would even want to try it first. Its true—here at Withers Dental we are experts in improving the look and feel of our patients’ teeth, but there are still some good reasons to try out your new smile before you buy it:

  • Knowing what your treatment is going to look like can help you make more specific decisions about the kind of treatment you want
  • Avoid the surprise of the treatment looking different than you imagined
  • Smile By Design is fast, safe, and affordable!

Visit Your Cosmetic Dentist in Manhattan Beach

Maybe you are on the fence about whether dental veneers or crowns are right for you—if so, the easiest thing you can do to decide is to come in to your local dentist in Manhattan Beach to talk to us about your options. Here at Withers Dental, Dr. Withers and his skilled staff will walk you through the various treatment plans available and give you a sense of which options would be best suited to your teeth. If you’re still undecided then you can try out your treatment with Smile By Design! Contact Withers Dental today to learn more about Smile by Design or to schedule an appointment.

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