Smile by Design – Try It Before You Buy It!

The choice to get dental veneers, implants, or to straighten your teeth with braces can be a big decision, especially when you can’t predict the way that your teeth will look after each different treatment. Fortunately, when you get dental care with our local cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach, the end result doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here at Withers dental, your local expert for dental care and dental implants, we want our patients to feel certain about their treatment plan, which is why we offer Smile by Design—an advanced predictive visualization technology for dental treatments. Find out how Smile by Design can help you visualize the results of your dental veneers or dental implants so you can feel confident about your path to beautiful teeth!

What Are Dental Veneers?

Of all the different ways to brighten up your smile, dental veneers are one of the fastest and least invasive techniques available. Here at Withers Dental, your cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach, we offer porcelain dental veneers to make your teeth brighter and give them a more attractive shape. During dental veneer treatment, the thin porcelain veneers are secured on the visible surface of your teeth, allowing us to make the changes to your smile that you desire. Unlike dental implants, dental veneers leave your existing tooth intact and simply add a layer of veneer to whiten and shape up your teeth. 

See Your Treatment Before It Happens!

One of the factors that makes dental veneers and dental implants so popular at our dentistry in Manhattan Beach is our use of Smile by Design—a digital treatment simulator for dental implants and veneers. Smile by Design allows you to decide how you want your dental veneers to look, change the color and size of the veneers, and then try them on for a day to see how you like them. By utilizing precise custom impressions, Smile by Design gives you the ability to see what your treatment will look like before spending a cent. Make sure your dental care is exactly what you want with Smile by Design!

Book An Appointment With Withers Dental

Have you been looking for a skilled cosmetic dentist in Manhattan Beach who provides high quality dental care at an affordable price? Look no further—Wither Dental can take care of your specific cosmetic dentistry needs! We offer an array of treatments including dental veneers and dental implants, and our skilled doctors can help you decide what kind of dental care is best for your teeth. It’s time for you to finally get that beautiful smile you have been dreaming about! Contact Withers Dental or book your appointment today to learn more about dental implants and veneers.

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